Increasing Apathy Towards Religion

When browsing the internet looking on religion, it’s clear to me that there are 3 groups of people. There are people who think religion is the only way, there are people who, while part of a religion, aren’t completely set, and there are those who just don’t care. There are also people who bash all religion, but as this is about apathy, they are excluded.

Articles in Google saying ‘Pope warns about religious apathy,’ ‘You may be apathetic towards religion, but religion isn’t apathetic towards you,’ and ‘The consequences of religious apathy’ are becoming more and more common. On the other side of the scale, there are articles titled things like ‘Many say “So what?” to God, religion, atheism’ ‘Church of Apathy’ and ‘Latest research toward the Apathy Generation’.

While I, myself, am a Christian, I’m not terribly religious. I go to church only when forced, or bribed. Therefore, I’m sorting myself into the last category: Those who don’t care.

This is becoming increasingly common as science develops. Things thought once to be miracles of God are now able to be explained by science. Even things we haven’t been able to explain are not thought to be done by God, aside from a few people who believe absolutely in miracles.

So what is your opinion? Let me know in the comments section.



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