Short Stories

Lurking in the Sound Waves

Disclaimer – I have reason to believe that the following story will introduce you to a demon. This demon, in my opinion, furthers its hauntings based on recognition. There is almost no chance you’ll discover it yourself, but if you read my story it will be impossible to prevent it from potentially targeting you with a series of the most vicious, terrifying hauntings imaginable. I say this based on my personal experience with the creature, as well as experience gained by the few friends and family I’ve regrettably burdened them with. Read at your own risk.

When I was young I always loved horror stories. RL Stein was probably my favorite author around the age of 8, and his now almost funny stories stole my sleep on a regular basis. That being said, I was quite the jumpy kid. Always paying close attention to my surroundings in an attempt to isolate myself from whatever dreadful story I had repeating in my head. Never once did I think I’d be the target of a demon so foul it’s haunted me for life – and will continue to do so.

My first encounter with the creature was around the age of 12. By now I’d graduated from Goosebumps, and was reading slightly more mature, if you will, books. Still the nervous wreck I’ve always been, it wasn’t uncommon for me to question every sound I heard. I had just closed my book, and laid down for bed. Since I was scared of the dark I had a night light, which lit my room up in a golden glow, simulating the sun shining through my window. I remember closing my eyes and exhaling, and then a sound.

I’ve thought about this sound for many years now, trying to figure out specifically what it was. At the time I couldn’t examine the sound since the attack began instantaneously, but I’ve since decided it was a whisper. Or a tap on my window. Or a scratching under my bed. I guess I still haven’t really figured out what it was, but it was certainly a noise. This became my introduction to the beast.

The thought I intended to have was, “What if that’s a creature tapping at my window, and it needs me to recognize what it is before it can hurt me?” Unfortunately, the assault began before I could mentally articulate the thought. I was forced to my feet and stood on my bed facing my forest green bedroom wall. Paralyzed, tears streamed down my face, though no emotion was expressed. I felt pain on my chest, as if someone was scratching me from the neck down, slowly. Immediately the feeling of fear overcame me, and I remember begging thoughts of forgiveness despite my disbelief in god. Here’s where the true haunting started.

Images of corruption filled my head. Pictures accompanied by audio flickered between my ears like flipping through a flip book. I saw snarling dogs, their howl piercing my ears like nails on a chalkboard. I saw politicians and CEO’s, their laughter fading into the sound of children crying. I saw butchers mutilating animals, their cleavers crunching through bone like snapping a tree branch in half. I saw snakes, lava, explosions, and sex. I spent what seemed like an eternity staring at my forest green wall being introduced to everything and anything that would shock a 12 year old boy.

Then, I collapsed. The breath that I’d been holding exploded from my lungs with a scream that followed. I laid there screaming and crying until my mom burst into the room. She flipped on my light and what she saw must have scared her silly. I was flailing around in a blood stained bed, screaming in mental and physical pain. Sweat covered my body and soaked the sheets. I discovered that I was scratching myself, digging my nails into my chest and slowly making my way down to my belly. She immediately held me and told me it was a nightmare. The rest of that night was spent crying in a bath tub and being comforted by my mom.

Unfortunately this was only the first, and the least terrible of many hauntings the demon has plagued me with. I’ve come to realize that it hides in the inconspicuous sounds you hear and never question, and it’s never haunted me unless I’ve thought that a random sound I hear could be it. Obviously I’ve grown to question every sound, which gives it ample opportunity to haunt me as it pleases. I don’t know if there’s just one, or if there are many of them in the world. I’ve told two friends who have also had encounters with the creature, as well as my little brother, Sterling.

I want to apologize to anyone who’s read this and feels uncertain whether or not you’ll be targeted by the creature. I find faith in knowing that it’s not always around, more often than not the sounds you’ll hear are legitimate sounds being made by real tangible objects. Also, not every haunting is as traumatizing as the one I’ve just described. Out of maybe a couple dozen times I’ve been attacked, only 3 stand out as extremely terrifying occurrences. I’ll write more another day, when I’ve gained more inspiration. For now I’ll go back to my headphones to drown out the tiny sounds of this demon trying to capture my attention.


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