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Common Dreams

Within this upcoming election, people are worried about a lot of different topics. Which they need to be addressed by each candidate. The answer given will make up the minds of millions of voters for their deciding vote.What are we missing? What are we forgetting? What is being overlooked?
People forget that despite personal pressing issues that they want answers too, there are problems going on without any type of attention on them. What are some of these? Let me show you.

“Sinful enough is our behavior at home”

1. Sin against children
Let us not forget children everywhere. Why does the “sanctity of life” end at birth?
Census Bureau figures 1 out of every 5 children is living in poverty. Between Blacks & Hispanics it’s 1 out of every 3 children. How is it the child’s fault? Why do they have to go to sleep hungry & dirty?
Does that concern any of you? Let’s make sure it concerns our government.
2. Sin against the poor
U.S poverty rate jumped 33% from 11.3% to 15%. – Who felt this the most? Women and minorities were most affected by this jump, the median wealth of a black or Hispanic woman who was single is just over $100. compared to a single white woman at $41,500.
This is insane!! How about for every dollar of non-home wealth [such as what you have in stocks and bonds] owned by white families, people of color only have 1 cent. How can we close the gap between colors and dollars?
3. Sin against students
STUDENTS [at all levels] LOSING THEIR NATIONS SUPPORT- you can’t be serious. States spending less on education budgets, 12.7 Billion less to be exact. WE can’t afford to be stupid. 38% of college expenses come from public funding compared to 70% in other countries. Which other countries? Some nations have apprenticeships where students make $0 for the first few years. Education is not something that funding should be taken from. I’m such a firm believer in this for the fact that having an education gives you better chance to find a job and the chance to choose where you would like to work. Should we all just become part of the poverty rate?

WE are the aftermath.

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