Original Story / Psychology


Sociopaths. Sociopathic tendencies.
When people hear this, most tend to run to the conclusion of insane. Murderous. Dangerous beyond the seemingly average. But that is most often not the case.
People can be sociopaths, and be good friends. Great family. But not to themselves. They feel the deriving undergoing of nothing. Remorse is but a concept they play out like a script. Feelings merely players in a game. Not theirs, but something they simply control with a controller of a consul.
Others, are pawns in a chess game. Insignificant, up for common sacrifice. Irrelevant and played around with for their own entertainment. Their own though, their own feelings they keep so dear, albeit uncommon, are the kings. Safely guarded and always hidden. Never to be put out on the playing field. Sometimes never to be moved at all.
In a way, sociopaths are common people. Just vaguely more complex. But who has the right to say one is more complex than the other. That his thoughts are more diverse than hers.  That complexity merely depends on a mental disorder is ridiculous. But commonly certain. Commonly over or under rated.
You either think of the word sociopath as a serial killer, a psycho.  Or, you think of it as a joke. An irrelevant over exaggeration of the truth.
But there is always an in-between. There is never only black and white. There is always grey. And that grey has always happened to be my favorite part.


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