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Racial Bias in Presidential Election

In the race for presidency, every vote counts. It’s not looking too good for Romney. Why? Because according to a poll 0% of black Americans voted for him. There is a ginormous racial bias in this election. Instead of not voting for Mr. Obama because he’s black, 52% of America voted for him because he’s black, 65% of African Americans, and 31% of white people. The reason Romney is not getting as many votes is not just because he’s white, though. The Republican Party has not had as many votes as the Democrats for a while.

In a speech recently made to the NAACP, Romney said that he believes he is better for the colored american than President Obama. He was met with mixed reactions to his speech, and there are rumors that he flew in black supporters to applaud for him.

What do you think? Let me know your reactions by commenting below.

NAACP’s website:


One thought on “Racial Bias in Presidential Election

  1. I think that a person can vote for anyone for any reason. I would agree that Willard will get few votes from the Afican community. I would also venture to say that the President will get an even smaller percentage of the Mormon vote.
    I think the Mormons will vote for the Mormon, because they share a commonality, as is true of Obama and the commonality he shares with the African voter.

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