Original Story

Branded Movie Review

Have you ever been so desperate to know and understand the truth that you would do anything to know it? Well, for Misha, knowing the truth was easier than he thought to know but harder to comprehend with what was truly happening around him.

Branded is a movie about a young man named Misha living in a dystopian future. Where advertising companies rule the way people view the world around them. He is a producer for a reality show that is about ready to hit Moscow, Russia. Misha’s production company is producing a new reality show about one overweight young woman who is ready to change her life by getting all done to make her look skinny. However, fate changes the tides when the woman realizes she isn’t suitably ready for such drastic change in her life. Misha simply ignores what she is saying to him, his love interest, Abby, is concerned that something is happening as she does not understand Russian since she is American but fears what the woman is saying isn’t pleasant to hear.

During the surgery, the woman doesn’t wake up and falls into a coma; causing the production company to look bad as all the producers, including Misha, sooner rather than later are arrested.
Eventually, Bob Gibbons, Misha’s boss, ends up freeing him from jail. Misha fears that Bob  had set up Misha because of Abby being with him, as Abby is Bob’s niece and does not like them being together. Bob tends to disagree with Misha, denying that he is right and that he is indeed wrong. Abby turns out to go back to America where she once lived.
Misha and Bob are in a bar, Misha leaves annoyed with Bob, however, as Bob tries to confront Misha and get his attention by coming back to him, Bob suffers from a heart attack and dies a painful death right there on the spot.
Now Misha feels guilty and decides to leave Moscow.

Six years pass and now Misha is living outside of a village in the Russian countryside, Misha has become a shepherd guiding cows. Abby has all but forgot about Misha and is trying to find him. He is leading a herd of cows over to the opposite side of a car so the car can drive away. The person inside the car looks at Misha and realizes who he is. The person inside the car gets out and it turns out to be Abby. Abby calls for Misha and Misha turns around on his horse and sees Abby.
Together, Abby and Misha go back to Misha’s little house where he has been living for the past six years. Misha explains to Abby that he is not going back to Moscow as that is his last resort; Abby insists but he still denies going back.
Later, Misha has a dream, a revelation dream. He dreamt that there was nothing but darkness all around him, only giving him further instruction to perform the Red Cow Sacrifice. He performs that which is self explanatory. Misha passes out and Abby rescues him by taking him back to Moscow. There in Moscow, Misha learns that he has a six-year-old son named Robert. From then on Misha takes on the role of being a father all while learning the truth of the world in a very peculiar way.


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