Original Story


“Think of it this way, detective.” Michael said from his perch behind the metal counter in the confession room. “You are an animal, prosecuting another animal of murder for yet another animal. Because in reality, that’s all we are. Animals in this godforsaken animal kingdom. But we, as the high thinking human beings we are, decided to make a right and wrong. I believe this was out of fear. Fear for our lives, our survival, our ideas. And all animals feel fear, detective, all animals feel fear. But us arrogant human beings took it upon ourselves to make laws out of it. Laws out of the basic food chain  of all life. Because we are selfish, and scared. Scared beyond our wits and shits, all of us.
You see, if we were simple wolves, or deers, or even those fucking geniuses of dolphins, and I happened to kill another, we would not be here. We would not be in this tiny little steel room, with that tiny little lamp, that’s just all meant to intimidate me into confessing my little crime. Well, I’m terribly sorry to break it to you detective, but I am not intimidated. Not one bit. I did kill a man remember? Oh, don’t act so shocked you sadistic little prick.” The detective started towards him, as if to bang his fists on the table, but then seemed to decide better of it. Michael merely smirked. “You know I killed them. I know I killed them. Christ, the whole fucking world knows I killed them. but it’s this, this whole scene that just gets to me. Because we are members of the animal kingdom. We all are. And you’re arresting me like it’s the worst thing in the world to kill another? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Lions kill lions, animals kill animals. It’s a part of life. And we are not superior. We are no superior to our fellow living creatures on this earth. Except bees, spiders, and ants. Nasty little buggers they are. But then again  we do not sterilize our plants, we kill them. If we, human beings, were all to die, the earth would go on. Fuck sake, it would be better. We are the downfall, the  destruction.
Yes, I killed those woman. And those men. But I did not rape them. I did not take their virginity,  their bodies against their will. All i did, was kill them. But c’mon officer. All I was doing, was making well on the way to a better earth.”


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