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My Views on Politics

My views on politics are simple; politics is a very generalized subject. Why are politics brought up so much? Mitt Romney this, Barack Obama that. Who cares? I personally would normally not care for politics, but recently, I have been getting really interested in the topic. I think it’s interesting to watch the debates, to see how exactly Romney is phrasing his plan and how Obama is so used to speeches that he could, honestly,care less about Romney’s opinion. That’s what drives politics to a whole debating subject.
Who is better?

Well, honestly, nobody is better than the other. It’s all opinionated.
This makes perfect sense, I feel like this is the reason why politics is such a diverse subject. It’s either bad or good; not in between. I mean, sure, they both have good views. Romney wants to ban abortions, I’m not going to state my opinion about abortions because I could spend ten pages ranting about that. Obama is going to send American troops from Iraq back in 2014, I think it’s good to know that we have some sense of knowledge to know when exactly they’ll return.

I’ve asked quite a few people their opinions on Romney, and a lot of people said that they don’t care for Romney, I think the reason is because he tends to say the wrong thing a lot of the time. He stutters and he’s nervous; then again, I don’t completely blame him. Because who wouldn’t be nervous standing up against the president?



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