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City At The End Of Time

The City At The End of Time was a book that I could recommend to only a few select people. These people would have to be the deepest science fiction fans due to the fact that this book has many descriptive scenes of the setting that leave the reader impatient leaving them with the “get on with it” feeling. When the book finally delves into the action it leaves something to be desired as the literature is very vague and hard to understand.

One thing that this book does do well is show the complexity of the universe and time itself. It often refers to the creation of the universe and how uncertain it is, this is one thing I deeply enjoyed about the book. The philosophical element to this book leaves the reader thinking about life to the point of where your head almost spins. However due to to the lack of an exciting plot line and run on descriptions I cannot recommend this book to too many people other than people that enjoy deep thinking and hardcore science fiction fans.


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