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Ironlak Graffiti Team.

Ironlak is an art supplies company that revolves mainly around graffiti. The company sponsors artists that they find, and send them around the world to paint graffiti. These artists get everything free from Ironlak pretty much whenever they want. I would love to have such a job. Just go out and paint whenever you want. Anyway, they don’t do graffiti illegally, they get permits  from building owners before they paint, or they just build walls at parks or pretty much wherever they want and work on that. They also buy cars or buses or find abandoned vehicles and paint on those. The team has 23 artists, Askew, Augor, Bates, Berst, Does, Enue, Ewok, Gary, Jurne, Kems, Linz, Meks, PhatOne, Pose, Reals, Sauce, Sirum, Sofles, Storm, Tues, Vans the Omega, Vizie, and Mr. Wany. They all have been found by Ironlak, and have been painting for many years.


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