Run Run as fast as you can.

Who is good these days? Are we that scared of paying our dues? Why do the people with the most think they don’t have to follow the rules and people with the least of everything have to? When did that become acceptable? Money makes the world go around. Sad but true. Some are so scared to lose their life savings that they will leave their own country to hide it and skip out on the taxes of it. And many of you whom pay taxes know these types go to our schools, participate in our community activities, and contribute to our ever growing debt building up in the walls of Washington D.C. Then, again, why is it that people who bust their ass showing up for their shift day in and day out are paying their dues for society and those people who are the worlds’ ultra high net worth individuals in the United States are hiding up to $12.8 TRILLION in un-taxed revenue. That’s 300 billion per year that could be paying for public needs. Tax avoidance is so appealing, 1,700 American renounced their citizenship last year. Some defend the actions of these people though. Quoting A Forbes writer said, “When individuals resist government hubris, we should exalt their actions.” “U.S tax code is so oppressive, that smart and successful people are compelled to renounce their citizenship in order to keep more of their own hard-earned wages.” This apparently applies to people who have invested in Facebook, no I’m not talking about the people who invented it. This is not a rant on those who are more fortunate than me! Who knows what I would I do if I were part of the percentage of the rich, but I feel like doing all the extra like renouncing your citizenship and hiding your earning is really just lame. Like here hide mine, too? Psh, yeah right. I’m also not saying that all the taxes the government imposes on us are good or even okay. Did you ask to go into war? No? Me either. But this is the place you came to, to give yourself a new chance, or maybe the place your family came to, to give you a better chance at life. You made it in America, so be thankful! Not everyone is to be so blessed. Realize that those middle class and poverty line people like myself that work and pay taxes don’t have all the connections to hide and skip out on our taxes and realize in the long run, just maybe, we will be able to fix our country. We all came to the same place to make a living; don’t just use it for your benefit only. It’s a sin against the common good.

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