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I have heard from a couple of students that people are getting annoyed with people being immature. I mean I can see why this would be annoying or aggravating because we are in high school and we should at least try and show our age. Some examples I have heard are leaving food in the hallway, or ripping pictures off the wall just because you didn’t like it or the person in the picture. We as a school really can’t do anything about this but it can always help to know if you’re offending someone but we can’t expect people to change who they are just because someone thinks they’re immature. I think that if we work together as a school we could come to an understanding of why certain people act the way they do.


One thought on “Immaturity

  1. As peers to your peers, you have more influence on them than almost any other adult in their life. Using your influence to make this a better school would be incredible.

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