Art / Obscure Art

Alex Pardee

goodnightlavaFIXED.jpg_100_cw80_ch40Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer and comic writer. He’s most famous for his paintings and his artwork for “The Used” album cover art. He was born on February 5th 1976 in Antioch, California. There’s not really much about him online but i do know he’s been painting and doing all kinds of art for most of his life now. He is also by far my favorite artist. Alot of his paintings are very obscure and odd, some gory and bloody to some that are just odd and confuse you. But if you think about what they mean you can figure out. The meaning can also be anything, which i do like. Alex Pardee has also done alot of commercial art, like music album covers, clothing, costumes and even toys. He has his own magazine too called “Juxtopoz” which is a magazine with art similar to his by other artists and articles about them, check it out and see if you take an interest to his art.eatwounded.jpg_100_cw80_ch40liesfortheliars.jpg_100_cw80_ch40


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