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Habit vs. Addiction

Cigarettes are the most common example of addiction, my mother smokes, the majority of my friends smoke, my grandmother smoked til the day she passed away, my father used to smoke, it’s everywhere.  My mother’s been smoking since she was 15 and she smoked until the day she found out she was pregnant with me.  Once she found this out, she immediately quit without a problem, yet some people say it feels impossible to them.  Is this just a lack of willpower? In my opinion, if my mother can quit smoking cigarettes cold-turkey after being a pack-a-day smoker or MORE for twenty-four years, anyone can quit.

Twelve years go by, my parents are getting divorced.  Needless to say, this caused my mother quite a bit of stress.  This stress, added to being around smokers resulted in her picking up smoking again.  She hasn’t solidly quit to this day.  I inquired into why it’s so difficult to quit, is nicotine really that much of a need?  She said that she doesn’t necessarily fiend for the drug, she claims that smoking itself has become a habit.  Smoking is part of a routine, one when she wakes up, one after she eats, it’s a part of driving, during commercials when watching TV.  Yes, there is a slight feeling of addiction, but  it is mainly the habit, and the change to a long standing routine that would take place.

Don’t tell me, yourself, or anyone else that you can’t quit.  Think about it when you don’t think about smoking, do you really crave one? Or is it more of a social act and you don’t even realize it?


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