Original Story

Improving Yourself Pt1

Hey whats up! My name is Justin. I am a Student of the C00p and a new author on this site.  I was instructed to pick a topic to blog about. I thought to myself for a minute.. If I’m going to write about something I don’t only want it to be for me and my  letter grade. I know the bs and troubles teens like myself deal with on a daily basis. So I decided to make my blog about “Improving yourself”.

Since I’m new to this site I’m going to give everybody a little bit of a background on myself so they can understand me and get to know me a little bit.  I’m an 18 yr old super senior at my local alternative school “CO’OP” . let me tell you how I got here.  I was born in Bridgeport Ct.  I was raised by my mother and father. the whole time they were together they would argue and attack each other like crazy..my dad started coming home later and later from work everyday. a lot of times when he got home things between my parents would get physical. I remember being young probably about 8 years old and hearing my mother screaming my name from the kitchen. she was laid up against my kitchen wall with broken glasses in her hand and my father standing over her.  to make this story short they later divorced when I was in the fifth grade. My dad moved to an apartment in new haven and I moved in with him.  As I got older I started hanging out with not the best of people.. I joined a local blood set gang and got my criminal record underway! I was arrested many times over the next couple years but always managed a way to escape the situation or work the court down to minimal sentencing.  I began smoking weed and dabbled into a lot of other drugs. I began partying every weekend and literally gave up all effort in school.  All through middle school and high school I never did one thing of homework and when I was in school I was acting up and encouraging others with me.  My best friend moved back to the Bronx with his mother..so I found myself with my gang OG every day. I even got into the business of selling drugs and other illegal activities that would help me gain the respect of my set.  I never completed a full year at any of the high schools I went to.. I either dropped out or was expelled.  On 10-10-10 my father married my step mother. My step mother and I have been arch enemies ever since!! she tried to come into my life and act as my mother! I didn’t take crap from my dad and I was damn sure not taking any from her.  she wanted us to move to Fairfield and I protested..however we made the move regardless.  We moved to Fairfield in the summer I think it was the end of July beginning of august. I had a job in Milford at Arby’s and struggled for a couple of weeks to get to work on time. I would have to take a train and a bus just to get to work 12 hrs away using public transportation. I ended up having to quit because of the strenuous effort it took to get there.


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