Out of the thousands of people who make up the graffiti community all over the world, there is no name more legendary than “SABER.” born in Los Angeles, California, SABER was raised by very creative parents who helped discover his love for art at an early age. Introduced to graffiti by his cousins, at the graffiti covered walls of the Belmont Tunnel, he became hooked on the art form. After getting his name around on local walls, he soon joined the graffiti crew “MSK” and then later introduced into the legendary piecing crew “AWR.”

After SABER was a fixture of the LA graffiti scene, in 1997 he completed the largest graffiti piece in history. His piece on the sloping cement bank of the LA River, which was pretty much the size of a professional football field. The piece took 97 gallons of paint and about 35 nights to complete. In a famous photograph, taken by his father just after it was finished, SABER stands on the piece and appears as a tiny speck among a giant blaze of color. It shot up SABER to legend status in the graffiti world.

Saber began making fine art in 2002. His monograph, “SABER: MAD SOCIETY” was released in 2007, complete with stories of his graffiti misadventures. In October 2010, SABER released a video which showed the year’s heated debate about health care was spray painted over the American flag. While some saw it as desecration, SABER advocated for health care reform in the video, revealing that he had epilepsy and was uninsurable. This work led SABER to create a large group of American flag paintings called the Tarnished series.

Saber 037_seattle_saberfreebase.copy_  saber-awr-msk_la-wash_op saber (1)

SABER is deffinently one of my favorite graffiti artists, he has inspired me for a long time and for all my work. Sadly though, LA River piece was buffed (painted over) by the city which made me take a pause on doing graffiti for a while, but i’m back to loving it and sharing my art all over, just as SABER is still doing all over the world.


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