Original Story

improving yourself pt2

Let me bring this all together. Now I am in a brand new city I never wanted to be in. I lost my job and income and it was summer so I had no school to attend. what do you think I did?? you guessed it!!! PARTYY!!  I would go back to new haven and Milford everyday weekdays and weekends. I would leave my house around 2 in the afternoon from sleeping and not return home until 5 or 6 am. every night. I honestly began to feel nocturnal  being awake during the day began to be weird for me. these couple of months are such a fog due to the lack of sleep and intense drug and alcohol use.

I began hanging out with my Og every single day, all day long. He was 27 and I was 17 he had  power, and most of all people respected him and knew him no matter what city we were in. we began going to Stamford, New York, New Haven Bridgeport all in one day. he taught me many new things. and I experienced many new and exiting things. he took me to my first strip club at 17!! also we were selling any illegal thing you needed drugs, firearms, and girls. my mentality changed drastically. I became very cold-hearted; girls, money, and drugs were all I cared about.  its kind of ironic because the set of bloods I was a member of was named sex money murder or SMM. this affected my life at home. my parents were pissed about the time I came home and where I had been.. every night I would come home so messed up I couldn’t even walk straight.  I was never home and communication with any family was at a 0%.  when September came around I started school at Fairfield Warde high school. I did ok in the beginning of the year.

I started dating a girl from Warde. this is when things really get crazy. We started dating in November our anniversary was 11-9-11.  The date we started dating should have gave me my first red flag! without the month our anniversary is 9-11. maybe this is why things were such a disaster. Anyways we started spending every minute of every day with each other.  she was the first person I met who fully understood me. she was honestly me in a woman. at this time I wasnt working and my father refused to pay my phone bill. so my girl went out and bought me my own phone and paid the bill every month!! this was a huge thing. no one ever just gave me something. I was taken back.. she showed me more love then my family. I never had a serious relationship before and this girl had me falling hard. we both were crazy about each other and I think it is because we are so similar.

Everything was perfect! I was a carpenter and her dad was an independent contractor. I started working with him. I was making good money. also I worked for her mother who owned the 19th hole. I started making good money. so I could work more hours I switched to the alternative school because they got out earlier. When I came home from work one day in February my dad  walked into my room bragging about how he took 100 dollars out of my room while I was gone. He was saying it was for my book fees. I had to return my books to Warde when I switched schools. seeing that I knew I already returned the books I told him. I said dad give me my money back I already returned all my books. long story short he started chest bumping me and we ended up getting into a huge fist fight. my step mother called the police on me and we both were arrested.  I was charged with an assault 1 violation of probation and some other domestic charge. As soon as the police put me in the car they told me to find a place to sleep and they would serve me with a promise to appear in court. otherwise I was going to jail. my mother was all the way in Waterbury and couldn’t pick me up. so I called the most amazing person to me at that time. my girlfriend. the police brought me to her house and her father opened the door and told the police I was good to stay there. he and I were working together everyday at that point and were working at 8 am the next morning anyway.  That was the first night we slept together over night.

From that point on I started living with her at her mom’s house.  mind you this is only 3 months into our relationship. but desperate times called for desperate measures. for the next 3 months we would wake up together spend the whole day together then make love and fall back to sleep together. Her father was becoming pretty much my second father. He loved me as a worker and we got along so great. he would take me to the bar after work and we became home boys! her father and her mother had an on and off relationship. they had a very dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship.  so he would stay at her moms for 2 weeks then be kicked out. then he would come back they’d fight he’d get kicked back out.  I always stuck up for him when he was gone tho I considered him my father! long story short one day my ex stood up for her father during one of the fights her mother and he were having and she kicked all 3 of us out! so again we were on the road. we moved to her father’s house in Bridgeport on Renell st. it was small for the 3 of us but we were like a little family.  Still continuing to work and go to school. Nina was doing a lot to piss her dad off .  Just little things but after about another month of him putting up with it he told her to leave. he told me I could stay there regardless. however I was not going to let the love of my life at the time my baby girl be homeless by herself. plus I couldn’t be away from her.  I hit up my boy who always let me stay there when I was kicked out or too fucked up to go home.  we lived there briefly and moved again to my other boys house because it was closer to Fairfield. we were both attending school so needed to walk to Fairfield everyday. we literally were surviving together. her struggle was mine we had nothing but each other and a small amount of clothes and some money id been saving.  both of us had parents who weren’t the best to say the very least. I felt as though I felt my other half.  Anyways enough of that. I was selling a massive amount of drugs at this time. and between work and the side money I was doing pretty good. The school year was winding down but not over.  It’s about april 2012 now.  instead of re-up on more drugs to sell I took all the money and the saved profit and me and my girlfriend bought our first apartment together.

I was only 17 at the time so my girl and her friend ( our new roommate) had to sign the lease even though I was the one with the money and the one who paid the down payment first month rent and last. plus it was only me and the roommate splitting the bills because my girl was still looking for work.  I feel as though this was the beginning of the end between me and my girl and the end of my childhood. I feel as though once I left that apartment 6 months down the road from this point in the story  I was a man. back to the story. the day we moved in I was at work so I had all my boys help them move everything in and set up. the next 6 months of my life was insane to say the least and I know I wont even be able or even want to say a half of what happened shit I wont even be able to cover a quarter of it. I from here I don’t even know what to write I don’t know what to write and what to leave out. plus my time limit. smh I could talk about this time of my life for hours. Anyways its april now im still going to school at CO -OP Ms. Edith my english teacher now was actually teaching me then too plus she has had me since Warde when she was first starting off to be a student teacher. Shes an amazing teacher by the way :p! I after school everyday I would work because I had to pay two phone bills grocery utilities and 900 dollar rent. I forgot to mention my apartment was on 351 Clinton Ave right across from Bassick high school and the Isiah half way house. this will be important later just remember it.


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