Art / Graffitti

Montana Paint.

Montana paint is one of my favorite/most used paints. It is specifically designed for art use, like graffiti. The company actually supports graffiti art too, since the company was created by a graffiti writer. Its a great paint, which I highly recommend if you want to paint with spray cans.

Montana has 6 series of spray paint, “GOLD” which is pretty much just their standard acrylic paint. “BLACK” which is their high-pressure nitro-combination paint. Which also has a fast drying feature which is good for overlapping colors and has un-scented aerosol. “WHITE” which is their synthetic paint that is meant to have a glossy finish and for quick application, also good for all weather conditions. “TARBLACK” is their low pressure paint that is meant more for doing outlines and shadow. Also meant for winter use. “SILVER” is the paint meant for covering wide surfaces in short time, so i recommend that for coloring in pieces. Finally, there’s “ULTRA-WIDE” which is a 750 ml. can. Meant for mainly covering walls. it sprays at far distances and each spray can be as wide as 60 cm.

Montana also makes a variation of markers, brushes, and regular paints. Montana is high quality paint that i love to use, its just expensive, the cans go for at least $5 a can and doing graffiti, you need alot of cans of paint just to do one piece. but in the end its worth it because then you have an amazing looking piece with great color and, hopefully, good style. So if you wanna paint, go use Montana. mtn mtnnnnnnn mtnnnnn mtnnnn mtnnn mtnn


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