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Gun ban 2013

imagesIn the months that have passed there have been a large amount of gun related violence in the US and there has also been a large amount of pressure on the government toward a ban on assault weapons and some people would even ask that guns be abolished completely from privet ownership. The most reason event was the sandy hook school shooting which occurred in new town CT when 20 year old adam lanza shot his way in to the sandy hook elementary school and opened fire with a tactical rifle killing 20 first grader and 6 adults and soon after turned the gun on him self before police were able to apprehend him. Not to long before the new town shooting there was a shooting committed by james holmes in the cinemark theater in aurora Colorado on july 17Th. killing 12 people and injuring 58. Both of the shootings were a events that lead to the Gun ban being passed in New York cit, on march 18-28, 2013 and the possibility of the ban being passed in many other states in the US and may also cues the banning of assault weapons such an some bushmarters and possibly even some Remington and many other types of weapons due to the possible rate of fire and the ability to be used as a semi auto weapons. I personally Believe that the banning of guns is not the solution to the problems we are having and it is also not going to help anything even after the ban goes in to affect people will still be able to elegy obtain guns, the only thing that the ban is going to do is take guns away from the people who legally one and purchase there guns from reputable “FFAL” gun shops and will also take away some peoples ability to protect them self as well as there homes. we need to try and come up with a another solution to the problems we are having. i mean no offense to any one who dose not agree with this side of the argument and to the families affected by these events yours truly ACEWARFARE.

To all the families affected but these events and events similar i wish you only the best and know that i am truly sorry for you loss and and i offer you my deepest regards peace love and happiness to you all of you affected by these events.


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