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Invisible soldiers?

camoHave you ever wanted to be invisible maybe even just vanish in to thin air? Well sadly you cannot or can you? Guy Cramer, CEO of Hyper-stealth Biotechnology Corp believes that you can. Bio corp has developed a technology called Quantum Stealth camouflage that actually allows the person wearing it to become completely invisible. Quantum Stealth camouflage is a fabric that utilizes the light and the surroundings to make the person who is covered by it completely invisible, not only to the human eye but also to IR scopes and Thermal Optics. This will allow crashed pilots to stay out of enemy lines of site and out of harms way until backup arrives or even allow American soldiers to infiltrate enemy encampments undetected. The US government and Hyper-stealth Biotechnology Corp are in the process of closing a multimillion-dollar deal with the us military for this Quantum Stealth camouflage to become the new camouflage of the united states armed force.

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