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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Retains, At A Cost.

Jon Jones Retains, But At A Cost.

English: Jon "Bones" Jones with fans...
English: Jon “Bones” Jones with fans – UFC 100 Fan Expo – Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At UFC 159 live on PPV, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones did it once again. He retained his UFC light heavyweight title against a tough opponent in Chael Sonnen. The hype had been building up for months. Trash talk (coming mostly from Sonnen) was getting intense. But Jon Jones kept his cool, as he always does. The crowd was crazy. The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey was getting rocked. This was the battle of the Ultimate Fighter coaches. The performance of Jones was nothing but the best. He outplayed Sonnen, charging at him early on in the bout. Although I knew Jones would get the win, I didn’t expect it to end so quickly. Sonnen isn’t exactly a walk in the park opponent. But Jones knocked Chael down early on with some key punches. After minuets of Jones whaling on Sonnen the ref decided enough was enough. The fight was stopped at 4:33 in the first round and Jones was declared the winner by KO/TKO. But Jones got a gift for his win. A broken toe and a nasty one at that! At some point in the match Jones must have landed a kick the wrong way. He said he thought it was jammed during the bout, only to find out that he has completely fractured it.

In defeating Sonnen, Jones has tied Tito Ortiz’s record for most light heavyweight title defenses. He’s beaten the likes of Rampage Jackson, Rua, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and Machida. It hasn’t be said who he is defending his title against next, but I’m sure Jones will prevail!


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