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I think, years from now, when I finally leave, I will doubt myself. As I drive down the road to the airport, I will feel like crying. I will already miss my mother, and things I’ve left behind, even if I am with her. I will watch all of those familiar landmarks make their way past my vision. The ones I … Continue reading

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“Think of it this way, detective.” Michael said from his perch behind the metal counter in the confession room. “You are an animal, prosecuting another animal of murder for yet another animal. Because in reality, that’s all we are. Animals in this godforsaken animal kingdom. But we, as the high thinking human beings we are, … Continue reading

Original Story / Psychology


Sociopaths. Sociopathic tendencies. When people hear this, most tend to run to the conclusion of insane. Murderous. Dangerous beyond the seemingly average. But that is most often not the case. People can be sociopaths, and be good friends. Great family. But not to themselves. They feel the deriving undergoing of nothing. Remorse is but a … Continue reading

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“I miss you.” As she spoke, I could feel the vague allure to turn my head to her, but not enough to cause actual action. Not enough to want to, to need to. Not enough to cause my motor skills to start working again. I felt as the wind gently blew at my hair, barely moving … Continue reading

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Suicide by Ize

“I’m sorry.” She said. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She was full out wailing now. Her freshly brewed tears spilling from her eyes and cascading down her face. “I didn’t mean to.” her watery voice sounded. Her stuffed up nose created a childish tone to her once calm, raspy voice. “I just- I” she … Continue reading