Montana Paint.
Art / Graffitti

Montana Paint.

Montana paint is one of my favorite/most used paints. It is specifically designed for art use, like graffiti. The company actually supports graffiti art too, since the company was created by a graffiti writer. Its a great paint, which I highly recommend if you want to paint with spray cans. Montana has 6 series of spray … Continue reading



Out of the thousands of people who make up the graffiti community all over the world, there is no name more legendary than “SABER.” born in Los Angeles, California, SABER was raised by very creative parents who helped discover his love for art at an early age. Introduced to graffiti by his cousins, at the … Continue reading

Art / Obscure Art

Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer and comic writer. He’s most famous for his paintings and his artwork for “The Used” album cover art. He was born on February 5th 1976 in Antioch, California. There’s not really much about him online but i do know he’s been painting and doing all kinds of art for … Continue reading