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Gun ban 2013

In the months that have passed there have been a large amount of gun related violence in the US and there has also been a large amount of pressure on the government toward a ban on assault weapons and some people would even ask that guns be abolished completely from privet ownership. The most reason … Continue reading

Montana Paint.
Art / Graffitti

Montana Paint.

Montana paint is one of my favorite/most used paints. It is specifically designed for art use, like graffiti. The company actually supports graffiti art too, since the company was created by a graffiti writer. Its a great paint, which I highly recommend if you want to paint with spray cans. Montana has 6 series of spray … Continue reading

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Mid Terms!!!!

Today is Tuesday the 22nd of January, and mid terms are just around the corner. All students and faculty should be checking if anyone is missing or is forgetting any work. On a side note, the student government is getting a little disgruntled over a recent attempt to try and get the school populations opinions and ideas about field trips, the list was vandalized by … Continue reading



Out of the thousands of people who make up the graffiti community all over the world, there is no name more legendary than “SABER.” born in Los Angeles, California, SABER was raised by very creative parents who helped discover his love for art at an early age. Introduced to graffiti by his cousins, at the … Continue reading